Mining Pool

A set of effective features is essential to maximize efficiency when mining Litecoin. Point being, use Hypernova.

  • CPPSRB reward system
  • A low fee (1%) to maintain the servers
  • EU and US gateways to ensure best efficiency
  • Sleek web, tablet and mobile design
  • Great support and enthusiastic community
Hypernova's Android application


15th Apr. 2014
  • Fix So far, we banned 5670 IPs on our firewalls: DoS and bruteforce attacks.
6th Mar. 2014
  • Fix Another Stratum instance was added to the cluster in order to resolve disconnections issues.
23rd Jan. 2014
  • Fix The Statistics page now shows accurate probability to find a block.
8th Dec. 2013
  • New A new Profile feature with an activity feed and some statistics is now available for each member.
6th Dec. 2013
  • New The transaction fee for withdrawals has been reduced from 0.02 LTC to 0.001 LTC, reflecting upstream changes.
3rd Dec. 2013
  • New The pool's Litecoin daemon was updated to prepare the next major drop in network transaction fee.
9th Jul. 2013
  • New The Statistics page now shows a luck graph with the last 20 blocks discovered on the pool.
26th Jun. 2013
  • New The pool is now IPv6 enabled for those who have such a connection.
20th Jun. 2013
  • New The transaction fee for withdrawals has been reduced from 0.09 LTC to 0.02 LTC, reflecting upstream changes.
10th Jun. 2013
  • New Charts are enhanced to display dots on their line, and give details when the cursor is pointed on them.

And 31 more updates since 28th April 2013